A Problem or a symptom?

Maybe it’s that they just have no common sense, are showing a lack of commitment, not doing the job properly, must ask you how to do it every time, can’t think for themselves, are not effective enough, need to be more efficient, or just plain quicker.

The top one is my all-time favourite quote from an MD about one of his directors, no matter which, they are all statements made by MD’s and CEOs about members of their teams, and sometimes about the whole team.

You may think I am about to criticise their comments as being unhelpful or unproductive for someone in a modern leadership position. I am not though, in different ways, some more diplomatic than others I hear this so often from new clients it simply cannot be just a point of view.

In fact, it is the number one reason my clients start to use my services and that is to solve the underlying reasons that are causing this perception of their own people.

You know when I don’t hear it?

After we have been working together for around a year, at that point the culture simply doesn’t tolerate the kind of behaviour that is causing those problems in the first place.

What needs to happen to create that culture varies from business to business although there are some common themes which all boil down at some level to the current culture architecture and how it was created either organically or on purpose.

That’s why the approach I have pioneered over many years is the use of Thought Architecture to create the appropriate leadership styles, management approaches, systems and processes that define the culture you need to overcome this and pretty much every other obstacle in your way.

The other thing I see all the time is the fact that most of you out there do indeed want different results, better teams, more committed people with more common sense, taking more responsibility and doing the job better than you could do it yourself and at the same time don’t want to change how you think, how you act, what you do, or seek any kind of help to do it.

Which makes you different to your employees how exactly?

My challenge is how do I get MD’s and CEOs just like you to accept that the one thing standing in the way of them achieving any goal they want, to having any culture they desire, to living their best life is 100% unequivocally them.

If you can accept that then maybe I can help, if you want to improve, to be better and achieve more, essentially if you are willing to seek help, accept it and act on it, then you can write your own future.

Don’t believe me? Try me, lets have a conversation and then if I think I can help you I am confident enough in my own ability to transform your outlook and results that I will offer you a unique commitment: start without any upfront fees, receive my support, input and insights, at the end of the month, you will be invoiced, If you feel that I didn’t bring you the value I promised, simply give me your reasons, opt not to pay, and your invoice will be cancelled. This is more than a guarantee; it’s a testament to the value I can bring.

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